When it comes to staying in a hotel there are certain things that every guest expects and as a hotel manager you should definitely be aware of these, as these are the things that will customers coming back to stay in your hotel time and time again, and the sort of things that will get you recommended to others too!


In this blog post we have put together the top four things that the majority of your hotel guests will expect from your hotel room;


Firstly it is important to remember that pretty much every person on this planet is attached to their smart phone, this means that is essential that the smart phone is able to be plugged in and charged up within arms distance of the bed; the nearest plug socket cannot be on the other side of the room as your guest will want their smartphone next to them at all times.


A huge pet hate of many guests staying in hotels is the minimal storage space, if people are staying in your hotel they will probably have at least one nights luggage with them but often there will not be space or storage in the room for this luggage, let alone more than one nights luggage. Make sure there is enough room to store your guests’ luggage.


It’s a tiny thing but can make the difference between a good stay and a great stay – make sure there are enough towels for your guests. One towel per person will not cut it if the guest hopes to have a bath in the evening and a shower in the morning, or perhaps they want a towel to dry their hair? Exceed your hotel guests’ expectations with enough towels.


Blackout curtains are a huge plus in a hotel room, especially in cities with bright lights, hotels next to main roads or even to just allow the guest a lie in during their stay. You’ll be surprised at how grateful your guests are further to the blackout curtains that block out light and also help block out some noise too.


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Four Things Expected From Every Hotel Room?

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