Now the kids are back at school teachers, maintenance teams, headmasters and other staff as well as parents can observe just how well their classrooms and education areas are working for the students. In your mind you may have created the best possible space for learning, but when put into practice, is the learning space working as well as you hoped?


When it comes to younger children learning is a new thing to them, they may not yet have an interest in books so it’s down to the school to pique that interest and engagement in reading and books. Having a reading area that is bright and colourful with shaped foam seating or beanbags can be a great way to encourage children into the reading area.


We have found that ‘Media Walls’ work well in education and learning spaces for older students at secondary schools, colleges or universities. Media Walls are made as a place for students to gather and brainstorm together. Both sides of a media wall can be whiteboards with marker pens or monitor screens. We have found that media walls work well when there is a task chair and classroom setting on one side and then a lounge setting style on the other side of the wall.


A classroom is an incredibly important room for students; it is where they learn and it’s where they are prepared for the rest of their lives. It needs to be a room that students look forward to entering and enjoy their time while they are in the room.


If you have younger children aim for bright colours that will interest them and engage them, try not to keep the room too formal as this can be off putting for younger children, especially if they haven’t been into a classroom before.


If you are teaching older children go for calmer colours that will help keep them focused and motivated. As exam times approach students will begin to get stressed and uptight so calming colours around them will help.


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