Here at JD Interior Solutions we have worked with many privately owned hotel and hotel chains across the UK and we are always looking at ways we can help hotel owners get more for their money and ways in which we can offer hotel owners more. That’s where IDP Design comes in; we have joined forces with their expert team of hotel room designers to offer our clients more, for less.


Between us we have created HOTEL-Roomsets. This new service allows us to offer the custom look in hotel rooms for clients that have previously been held back by tight or restrictive design or development costs for the design and development of their hotel rooms. Through volume purchasing and HOTEL-Roomsets we are able to offer limited edition, custom hotel room interiors.


We have created three ranges to be able to offer an individual service to our clients; we understand that one size doesn’t fit all so we have created three ranges of hotel rooms which can then be amended to suit the individual needs of the hotel or the hotel owner.


The Classic Range is aimed at 3*- 4* hotels, the design offers a comfortable and stylish for the interior of the hotel room, it’s great for the person staying at your hotel, while being great on your pocket too.


The Executive Range is really aimed at upper 3* hotels along with 4* and 5* hotels. It offers a great value price for the hotel owner while giving the person staying in the room a sophisticated and contemporary feeling that they’ll enjoy.


Our Boutique Range through HOTEL-Roomsets is aimed at 4* and 5* hotels, it offers an individual luxurious experience for those booked into your hotel, but its created at great value for money while looking like it cost the earth.


If you would like to know more about how the team here at JD Interior Solutions and the IDP Design team can help your hotel with their HOTEL-Roomsets service then give us a call. Our team of interior solution experts are always happy to answer any queries you may have.


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JD Interior and IDP Design Join Forces To Help Hotels

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