Here at JD Interior Solutions we do a lot of shop fitting in Cambridgeshire. We often speak to clients who have their ideal shop all laid out in their minds and then we come along and the things we say may pose a few concerns in their dream plans, so we have created a list of things that you need to consider when thinking about shop fitting projects in Cambridgeshire.


It’s important to note that shop fitting has a more substantial impact on the overall look and feel of the shop than you may at first think and this is why we have created this guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to thinking about your shop fitting project in Cambridgeshire.


Many people in retail will realise that placement and branding is vital for attracting the eye of the general public, when you work with experienced shop fitters like our team here at JD Interior Solutions we will help you understand just how you can achieve optimal results for your shop fitting project.


You need to bear in mind the flow of the store because it is important that customers can move freely through the store. Displays should be placed with the customer in mind and not cause any issues or get in the way of visitors to your store, allowing them to pass the displays easily, even with trolleys, pushchairs or wheelchairs.


It is highly recommended that you select fixtures that are easy to manipulate because you will be rotating your stock constantly and not all of your stock will be the same size. Some stock will be larger, smaller, taller, shorter, bigger, wider or thinner than other items of stock so you need to have fixtures that will be able to accommodate a wide variety of stock easily.


Consider placement products for your shop too; think about where there can be an increased chance of a customer purchasing additional products if in-demand products are placed at the rear of the store? We can advise you on other smart placement tips that will encourage customer browsing and potential purchase of other products that they could pick up on the way.


Don’t forget to think about the products and stationary that you and your staff need. This needs to be easily accessible within the store so your team can get what they need quickly and easily.

If you are looking for reliable shop fitters in Cambridgeshire to help you on your next shop fitting project then give us a call – we are always happy to help!


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Considerations For Shop Fitting Projects

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