Here at JD Interior Solutions we work with a wide range of hotel chains, hotel owners and hotel managers across Cambridgeshire and London. Everyone wants their hotel rooms to look great for their guests, but it can’t cost the earth. This is why the experts here at JD Interior Solutions teamed up with IDP Interior Design to offer Hotel-Roomsets.


Hotel owners and managers want hotel rooms that have a custom look and feel, but sometimes they feel that their budgets are too restrictive for the design and development costs of the custom look hotel rooms they require, but with our new service this is no longer an issue.


Through adding up the total amount of rooms and properties we can create a cumulative effect of volume purchasing that allows our Hotel-Roomsets service to meet those limited budgets with custom hotel rooms that suit the needs and requirements of our clients, giving them the hotel rooms they never thought they would be able to afford, but always dreamed of.


However the team of interior designers and professionals here at JD Interior Solutions have now gone one step further to help our clients. We have created leasing options for our clients that own Hotel Chains, are Hotel Owners or Hotel Managers.


Our Hotel-Roomsets leasing options allow our clients to be eased of the financial burden of updating 50 or more hotel rooms and guestrooms. We have negotiated a 3 year or 5 year leasing plans with our lease partners at ‘Plus Finance’.


These leasing options allow Hotel Owners and Hotel Managers to have their new hotel rooms and guest rooms installed as soon as the goods are manufactured. Below is a list of the rates but this could cost you as little as £2.75 per day, subject to typical interest rates, the actual cost of the hotel room or guest room and is further to acceptance of finance for our Hotel-Roomlets service through ‘Plus Finance’.

Our lease financing options for hotel refurbishments in Cambridgeshire, London and surrounding areas includes the full fit out including labour, design and furniture right through to completion of your hotel refurbishment project.


Lease options are also available on commercial properties as well as hotels and restaurants; please contact our team to find out more.


Here at JD Interiors we aim to put our customers first, as your priority is our main aim! So If you have any questions or queries about JD Interiors; What we do, how we work etc. Then

why not call a member of our team now to see how we can help you with your building project in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas or to answer any questions you may have.


Lease Financing For Hotel Refurbishments

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