As all hotel owners know, running a hotel can be tricky as well as hectic and stressful, especially when your hotel is fully booked and problems are coming in thick and fast – sometimes it can just feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done to keep the hotel going, let alone to keep the hotel looking and feeling as good as new, loved and cared for.


It’s very easy to spend time getting lost in checking emails but you don’t need to check emails every ten minutes as this can be a waste of time, instead set aside some time a few times a day to check your emails. If there is an urgent change the customer will call you anyway.


This will then give you time to focus on certain areas in the hotel that need improvement. Take a look at your hotel as an outsider and see how the hotel is bearing up – are there areas in need of a little bit of TLC or are there areas that need more than a little lick of paint and a squirt of polish?


When times are quiet at the hotel and you’re not fully booked, this is when you can make those bigger changes that will make huge improvements to your hotel and the visit of the guest. Have a look at your booking diary over the last few years and see when the quieter periods are – for many hotel owners the quieter times are Christmas then it gets busier in the Summer months, but this depends on where you are and the type of guests you have stay at your hotel.


Here at JD Interiors we can help you with your major hotel room refurbishment needs, we have a hotel roomsets service that allows us to create a hotel room that suits your style, your guests and your budget. We can create every room to be the same, to look brand new, to feel exquisite and to not break the bank.


We also have an arrangement with a credit finance company to be able to offer you finance on all the Hotel RoomSets service we do. This means that although business is quiet now you will not to have to have lots of money in the bank to pay upfront, you can pay a small amount monthly or weekly to pay for the brand new hotel rooms that look and feel luxurious.


Call us now to see how we can help you make your hotel look as good as new again, leaving you to deal with all the other tasks your role requires of you, while we take the stress away for you.



Here at JD Interiors we aim to put our customers first, as your priority is our main aim! So If you have any questions or queries about JD Interiors; What we do, how we work etc. Then

why not call a member of our team now to see how we can help you with your building project in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas or to answer any questions you may have.


The Life Of A Hotel Manager

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