Here at JD Interior Solutions we specialise in hotel interiors and hotel refurbishments. We make sure we know exactly what guests want from their hotel rooms, to ensure that we put this in all hotel rooms we work in so the hotel owner can give his or her guests exactly what they are looking for.


We have recently been researching what business travellers want from their hotel rooms because may of our clients find that business travellers are their most regular guests and highest income for the hotel. Here is what we found out;


Most importantly business travellers want fast, free wifi access so they can FaceTime their kids or partners, to check emails from the day, to access files from their cloud, complete video conferences with colleagues or clients and even just to surf the web. Slow internet is regularly ranked as Number One complaint in hotels on hotel review sites so make sure you provide efficient wifi in your hotel rooms and communal areas too. Free wifi can often be what makes a business traveller choose you over a competitor.


Make sure all plug sockets are well placed in the room, you’ll need well placed plug sockets near the bed so phones and tablets can be charged up, a plug socket near the mirror for straighteners, curlers or hair dryers and a plug socket near the work area so laptops can be plugged in. Make sure these plug sockets are suitable for all types of plus, there is nothing worse than a plug socket plush against a skirting board which results in the plug being too high for the plug socket.


Talking of work space areas, ensure your hotel rooms for business travellers have a work desk because many of your guests will want to continue working when they return to their room. They will need to create contracts to close today’s deal or just to review business documents in preparation for the next day’s meeting so provide a work area or desk so this can be done.


With millions of pounds spent on business travel every year it is essential that you are fulfilling these basic needs and requirements of business travellers to ensure they will return to your hotel and / or recommend your hotel to colleagues, clients and friends.


If you are looking to take that extra step to gain more business travellers for your business then why not give us a call. We offer some excellent rates on Hotel RoomSets and can help you really achieve more for your hotel for less than you might expect.


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What Do Business Travellers Want From Their Hotel Rooms?

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